What is a Calling In “The One” Coach?

When people recognize and begin to embody their deepest, truest relationship dreams, their whole experience of their life shifts to a more positive place. They release the stranglehold that fear has had on them, embrace the unique gifts they have to offer another, and choose to have love in their lives – on their terms for the first time. Witnessing someone learning to live in this new way, and the happiness it brings them, is truly a magical thing to watch.


I am privileged to get to watch these personal transformations because I am a Calling In “The One” relationship coach. And while I’d love to think I have a gift for coaching people who are yearning to have deep, sustainable love in their lives, I have to give credit where credit is due. My success rate as a coach in helping clients make these shifts has a LOT to do with the methods and skills I am able to teach them.

These are methods and skills that anyone who wants to bring love into their lives can learn, and I teach them in my practice because they made such a huge difference in MY life. When I was in a very miserable, dark place, feeling VERY unloved and unlovable, they lifted me up and gave me the ability to bring love into my life consistently.

But enough about me – maybe  you’re wondering, “What exactly IS a Calling In ‘The One’ coach?” I’m glad you asked!

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