Don’t Be Dominated, Dismayed or Discouraged By Difficult People

The value of learning to give and receive love is not limited to the search for romantic companionship. Development of the ability to be loving, and also receptive to love, in every possible moment is the foundation for happiness in all areas of life.

After all, we are all interacting with hundreds, if not thousands, of people every year, in a mind-boggling array of situations! What if the worst of those encounters could be made easier… and even loving?


Whether in a professional setting or at the grocery store, we are constantly meeting new people, with different backgrounds, different beliefs and different ways of communicating. Unfortunately, many people can prove to be “difficult” more often than we might like. They may be unpleasant, unkind, or just plain mean.

While it may be tempting to speak your mind and be just as unpleasant and unkind back to them, there are far more effective ways to respond. If you can master them, you get to not just cope, but actually create win-win situations out of what may seem like hopelessly unpleasant interactions.

Here are some tips on how you can deal with the difficult people you encounter:

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How to Overcome the Fear of New Beginnings

Everything about our lives is constantly changing, and at an ever-faster pace. With each year that passes, there are more people, choices and events to process and find a way to categorize in our experience, relative to everything that came before.


Places, jobs, and of course relationships, shape and shift our perceptions and experiences, about ourselves, others and life itself.  We become comfortable with our surroundings and circumstances, forgetting that life was ever different before. It was this way

But there’s never a guarantee that our circumstances aren’t going to radically morph tomorrow, into something completely different – perhaps even something we’re not exactly crazy about at first! That’s why change can be so scary. But, as the saying goes, “Change is the only constant in life.”

Not being able to rely on the very things that make us feel grounded, secure and content creates a sense of being out-of-control, helpless and small. How can we get back some sense of power over our own existence?

We can shift our mindset and learn to be more adaptable to change. In so doing, we inevitably discover a whole new realm of appealing opportunities. Here are a few ways to overcome the fear of change that new beginnings bring up:

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How to Show You Care and Strengthen a Connection

Have you ever found someone you really connect with but you aren’t sure how you can show them?


Someone you enjoy spending time with and whom you feel you could have a real future with? Or maybe it’s a family member whom you find yourself gravitated towards under unique circumstances. Have you ever struggled with telling that person how you feel?

Sometimes we find that we really want to express how we feel to certain people but we aren’t sure how to do that. We are worried that our efforts won’t be good enough or will be received and perceived differently than we desire. We are simply letting past experiences influence how we handle present ones. Outside of the obvious (communication) there are many abstract ways that you can strengthen a connection with someone. Listed below are some ways you can show someone that you care:

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