Feel Defeated? Here’s How To Keep Going! (Part 2)

So let’s say you took my suggestion in my last blog post, and have been using the practice of envisioning what you want, and how it will feel to have it, in great detail. You’ve seen how it can motivate you to stay the course when you think you’d rather quit. It really helps to keep inspiring yourself, right?


Where you used to feel like Sisyphus faced with the hopeless task of pushing that boulder up that impossible hill, now you can picture yourself in the dip between mountain peaks. And you can see that the next upward slope will lead you to the pinnacle if you just choose to keep climbing.

“Ok,” you say, “I do feel inspired all right. But how do I find the strength to keep climbing?” Great question – and the answer is not some “universal truth” out there, some magic pill or secret mantra that will work for everyone. Each one of us has to find out what it takes for US to stay committed through the tough times until we achieve our goals.

How do you dig deep inside for the inspiration to keep yourself from giving up? If you’re not sure, or you know you don’t have any way of doing that right now, here are two more mindset practices you can use to motivate yourself to take the next step:

  • CREATE – When chaos and destruction surround us, sometimes we must work in direct opposition to those forces in order to change the situation. When something is falling apart, it’s critical that we build anew – new relationships with people, new experiences and even a whole new path for ourselves, if that’s warranted. Creating new goals, whether big or small, can help re-inspire you and give you a focal point on that mountain pinnacle that you are climbing toward.
  • BELIEVE – While the idea of manifestation and the “law of attraction” may sound a little too “woo-woo” for you, the power of simply choosing to believe in yourself and your dream is very real. It’s what kept Thomas Edison going when he “failed” to find the right components for a commercially viable light bulb – some say he tested 10,000 different materials before discovering the best solution. The key was he never stopped believing that one could be found! Our most powerful dreams, reinforced with the positive affirmations that we are certain to achieve them, can be the difference between staying stuck in our misery, and changing our entire lives. When you are committed to believing something, that belief can quite light up your world (pun intended!) in ways you never even imagined.

If you want to learn more about why the above changes in thinking work, and how they can help you mend the wounds of love lost, be sure to get your copy of my brand new book “Before You Love Again.” It’s my unique, step-by-step guide to help you recover from heartbreak, and become the master of your ability to love and be loved. And the tools it teaches can help amplify your success, not just the area of love, but in every area of your life!

Do you have other techniques for motivating yourself? Do they help you “keep going” and continue fighting when faced with life’s many battles? Where do you get your inspiration? Comment below and let’s connect :)

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