How to Overcome the Fear of New Beginnings

Everything about our lives is constantly changing, and at an ever-faster pace. With each year that passes, there are more people, choices and events to process and find a way to categorize in our experience, relative to everything that came before.


Places, jobs, and of course relationships, shape and shift our perceptions and experiences, about ourselves, others and life itself.  We become comfortable with our surroundings and circumstances, forgetting that life was ever different before. It was this way

But there’s never a guarantee that our circumstances aren’t going to radically morph tomorrow, into something completely different – perhaps even something we’re not exactly crazy about at first! That’s why change can be so scary. But, as the saying goes, “Change is the only constant in life.”

Not being able to rely on the very things that make us feel grounded, secure and content creates a sense of being out-of-control, helpless and small. How can we get back some sense of power over our own existence?

We can shift our mindset and learn to be more adaptable to change. In so doing, we inevitably discover a whole new realm of appealing opportunities. Here are a few ways to overcome the fear of change that new beginnings bring up:

  • ACCEPT – Let’s say that a job opportunity requires you to relocate. You must leave all of your friends and family for a once-in-a-lifetime chance at your dream profession. After much deliberation you choose to accept it. What you may not realize consciously is that your choice to accept the job also represents your choice to accept all of the changes that come with it. As you truly come to terms with the fact that your life as you know it will no longer be the same, you open yourself to the endless possibilities just waiting for you in that new town.
  • REFLECT – The new friends, restaurants, coffee shops and apartments that await you in your new location don’t take away from the ones that are near and dear to your heart. They haven’t ceased to be! You will always treasure them in your memory. Cherish and honor them, as you realize that at one time those old favorites also were new to you. Looking back on how well you were able to adapt back then and find new favorites can help you realize that you have the power to do it again and trust that the outcome will be similarly rewarding.
  • SEEK – The best way to overcome fear of a new beginning is to seek out and become involved in groups and activities that you already know make you happy. Do your research and figure out ways you can get involved in your community. Find Meet-Up groups you could join (or start one offering exactly what you want to do, and see who joins you!). You will create new friendships, learn more about your new community, and begin building new memories to treasure.

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Have you found yourself in a situation that required you to start a new beginning? How did you overcome your fear? Comment below and let’s connect :)

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