How to Show You Care and Strengthen a Connection

Have you ever found someone you really connect with but you aren’t sure how you can show them?


Someone you enjoy spending time with and whom you feel you could have a real future with? Or maybe it’s a family member whom you find yourself gravitated towards under unique circumstances. Have you ever struggled with telling that person how you feel?

Sometimes we find that we really want to express how we feel to certain people but we aren’t sure how to do that. We are worried that our efforts won’t be good enough or will be received and perceived differently than we desire. We are simply letting past experiences influence how we handle present ones. Outside of the obvious (communication) there are many abstract ways that you can strengthen a connection with someone. Listed below are some ways you can show someone that you care:

  1. SHARE – If you want someone to open up and share with you, the best way to achieve this is to lead by example – share something with them! Whether it’s a story from your past or a wild fantasy of a career you’d love to pursue but haven’t told anyone, sharing these kinds of intimate details with another person really makes them feel special. It makes them feel like they are a part of your life or know something about you that most other people don’t. It also helps to strengthen the connection between both of you.
  2. JOIN – Another way to strengthen a connection is to really become a part of his or her lives. Taking an interest in something they are passionate about is a great way to get to know each other but also show that you care. If you are taking the extra time to learn about their passions and even encourage the pursuit of those passions, that will reach someone on a deeper and more intimate level. Maybe you will even open their minds to new hobbies and interests that they didn’t even know they had.
  3. SHOW – The best way to show someone that you care is to, well, show them! Be there for them emotionally as well as physically and pay attention to what it is that they need. Everyone is different! Some of us need more one-on-one time with someone we care about and others prefer some time alone. Connecting with this other person and learning about them is how you will determine the best way to show them that you care for them.

What are some ways that you show people in your life that you care?

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