What is a Calling In “The One” Coach?

When people recognize and begin to embody their deepest, truest relationship dreams, their whole experience of their life shifts to a more positive place. They release the stranglehold that fear has had on them, embrace the unique gifts they have to offer another, and choose to have love in their lives – on their terms for the first time. Witnessing someone learning to live in this new way, and the happiness it brings them, is truly a magical thing to watch.


I am privileged to get to watch these personal transformations because I am a Calling In “The One” relationship coach. And while I’d love to think I have a gift for coaching people who are yearning to have deep, sustainable love in their lives, I have to give credit where credit is due. My success rate as a coach in helping clients make these shifts has a LOT to do with the methods and skills I am able to teach them.

These are methods and skills that anyone who wants to bring love into their lives can learn, and I teach them in my practice because they made such a huge difference in MY life. When I was in a very miserable, dark place, feeling VERY unloved and unlovable, they lifted me up and gave me the ability to bring love into my life consistently.

But enough about me – maybe  you’re wondering, “What exactly IS a Calling In ‘The One’ coach?” I’m glad you asked!

Put simply, it is a system created by Katherine Woodward Thomas based on her book, Calling in “The One” which helps people attract their ideal life partner. Katherine has trained and certified a limited number of coaches to lead clients through an even more deeply engaging process of discovery and creation than they can get through simply reading the book.

I combined this coaching process with tools I have acquired through my energy coaching certification, to help people even more quickly learn how to find and attract a partner with whom they are truly aligned – so they no longer repeat the mistakes of the past.

Many clients I meet have previously lost all hope of finding their ideal mate – their “One.” It’s incredibly rewarding to be the catalyst who helps restore their faith – in love and, most importantly of all, in themselves!

I help them let go of the pain they have experienced in the past, and open themselves up to joy and love they could only imagine before. I walk beside and support them through every day of the process. It’s an awesome journey, to experience and to witness!

Now I’m delighted to announce a new resource for people who can’t work with me privately but want to begin learning and applying many of these same highly effective tools.

If you want to learn how to mend the wounds of love lost, be sure to get your copy of my brand new book Before You Love Again. It is my unique, step-by-step guide designed to help you recover from heartbreak, and become the master of your ability to love and be loved. Have additional questions about my book or coaching program? Comment below and let’s connect :)

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