Janet St. MarieBlessed as a wife of 30 years, mother of 7 children and educator, Janet St. Marie has been where her clients are. It was going through her own crucible of pain in an unexpected divorce that led her to seek out demonstrably effective methods for truly releasing and forgiving the past. Determined not to let circumstances dictate the future course of her emotional life, she didn’t stop searching and exploring until she found the keys to genuinely re-opening herself to love.

Since emerging from her own deep well of hurt and disillusionment, Janet has dedicated herself to continuing her commitment to education, by teaching others the same techniques for creating personal empowerment and loving relationships.

She became certified as both an Energy Coach and a Calling in the One Coach in the process, incorporating proven formats for ensuring her clients have the greatest success in accessing these new skills.

Janet St. Marie is passionate about sharing the approaches that worked for her, plus other tools she has discovered in her ongoing research. Her greatest satisfaction comes from assisting her clients in releasing their own emotional pain and underlying traumas, so they, too, can create what they also most deeply desire: a transformative awakening to love.