What is Your Perfect Person Like?

Do you have a ‘perfect person’ in mind?

When you think about who you would like to spend the rest of your life with, what do you see? Are there certain physical attributes that you would like in that person? Do you want them to be outgoing and social, or shy and reserved? Some people spend a lot of time thinking and manifesting their future someone, which is great! You hope to be with that person for quite awhile, right?

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There are so many characteristics both physical and emotional that make one person attracted to another person. And those ‘ideal’ traits are different for everyone! What makes someone special to you might be the opposite of what another person is looking for in a mate.

The trick is, there is no right or wrong ‘thing to look for’ – we have to figure out what really matters to us. There’s a little bit of trial-and-error involved in fine-tuning it, but it’s well worth the effort – we all deserve to find that ideal person, so why not manifest exactly who we want him or her to be?

Below are some characteristics that might inspire you to get a better picture of what your version of “The One” is like.

Physical – Attraction is a funny thing. We can’t always control who we feel those special feelings for, just as we can’t make ourselves feel something that isn’t there. Physical attraction goes far beyond the way someone looks, and is based on much more than a preferred hair color or “ideal” body shape.

Physical attraction, like any aspect of a relationship, continues to grow and evolve over time. An emotional connection can trigger a physical one where you least expect it, and vice versa. Ah, the cryptic unknown chemistries of love!

Mental – Stimulating conversation really does help to awaken our mind and heart to the possibility of a deeper connection with another. Some people bond best with others whom have very similar views to their own. They are equally passionate about the same topics, and their closely aligned interests form a strong foundation.

Others find the greatest attraction in meeting someone vastly different from themselves. Their fascination comes from being exposed to new ways of thinking and having completely new experiences.

Either way, part of the excitement for all of us in meeting someone new is learning everything you can about them – what makes them tick? What underlying values guide their choices in life? Are they more courageous than we are? In what ways are they willing to be vulnerable?

Sometimes what we learn clarifies that this isn’t the right match for us. But when it is…what better way to fall in love than to start out merely curious, and end up feeling impressed!

Spiritual – Even when formal religion convictions are not a key factor, a spiritual connection can occur when both people share a desire to achieve a higher level of peace, fulfillment and inner strength. This is also where an enhanced awareness of energy and emotion creates almost unlimited potential for a lasting connection. In my opinion (naturally!) a match in this characteristic can mean instant attraction, and offer the most promise for a deep, lasting  relationship.

For some, if this characteristic is missing in the other person, they know immediately that that is not “the One” for them – no matter how strong the chemistry may be in all the other areas! That’s why learning what you really want is so important. You save time, disappointment, and even heartache down the road.

Have you experienced that heartache yourself? If so, and you want to learn how to heal those old disappointments and become more successful in finding love that lasts, be sure to get your copy of my brand new book, Before You Love Again: From Relationship Misery to Love Mastery. It’s my step-by-step guide to help you recover from heartbreak, and become the master of your ability to love and be loved. Want to further discuss your “perfect person” – and how you know that’s who you really want? Comment below and let’s connect :)


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